Promotional Material Impact

Have you ever started to toss a shopping bag and stopped to check for anything hiding out in the bottom?…a little note or coupon from the business, maybe? Perhaps you look forward to the fortune cookie that your sever drops on the table after your sushi is devoured? When you find a scent sample in a magazine, do you run it across your wrist? Or, are you the one who pulls off the name and number tag at the bottom of the flyer on the bulletin board? Wait! I bet you’re the sneaky one who takes the ink pens from the lobby! (You know they want you to if they’ve put forth the funds to have them imprinted with their name or logo!)

If you’ve done any of these things, congratulations! You’ve partaken of the thrill of promotional material handling. The importance of these little gestures that make your relationship with a business more tangible can be overlooked so easily by a business in this world full of technology.

In your business dealings with clients and consumers, don’t forget to place a little something they can touch, taste, or smell in their paths.

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