How to Write a Conversational Blog Post

Sharing your business thoughts and ideas is usually pretty easy, right? You can get excited and passionate about the things you’re working on. But when it comes to writing a blog post, that’s a different story. All of a sudden, you’re a fountain of facts that look like a college outline assignment, or worse, a […]

Temporary Help

Occasionally business owners/managers need help on a temporary basis. Projects, seasonal work, employee absences, and other unplanned occurrences can cause a void. One minute, things are running smoothly and business is blooming. Then you look up and half the petals have left the flower! Many times a temp agency is hired to fill that void […]


This week I’m starting my countdown at home to the big Thanksgiving meal for my family. Starting with the menu and guest list, I break down the steps into shopping, food preparation, house preparation, and communication. There’s a lot that goes into planning a gathering when you want it to be memorable and enjoyable. If […]

Ditching Commuter Problems

We got 2+ inches of snow last night. I woke up to a winter wonderland! It’s not what would be considered a large snowfall around here, but it’s definitely an early one. Unfortunately, there is a layer of ice under the fluff making driving hazardous. The local media feeds are full of school and community […]

Fresh Content

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time for me to start working on the dinner menu. One thing my family looks forward to every year is apple pie. Shopping for ingredients for apple pie sounds like a pretty easy task, right? Did you know there are 100 types of apples grown commercially in the […]

Finding a Virtual Assistant

What does the perfect assistant look like? Outsourcing takes all the physical traits of an assistant out of the picture. Height, weight, skin color, hair color, bad breath (er, excuse me while I grab a mint) all disappear. You won’t be passing them in the hallway every morning or chatting with them at the water […]

The Importance of Fresh Content on Social Media

The excitement of owning a business is especially intense in the beginning. Not only are you setting up your shop (online or brick and mortar) and filing all the necessary paperwork, you’re also meeting new customers or clients, tweaking your products, and making sure EVERY little detail is spit and polished. And you’re hopping in […]