Temporary Help

Occasionally business owners/managers need help on a temporary basis. Projects, seasonal work, employee absences, and other unplanned occurrences can cause a void. One minute, things are running smoothly and business is blooming. Then you look up and half the petals have left the flower! Many times a temp agency is hired to fill that void until an employee returns to work or another is found.

Even though you can usually rely on reputable agencies to provide good help, there are advantages to hiring a virtual assistant instead. The biggest return is in the form of familiarity. When an agency sends an employee, you spend a certain amount of time training that person to your company’s systems. The next time, even if you use the same agency, you will likely get a new worker who will have to go through the same training. A virtual assistant can learn everything the first time.

Some virtual assistants will take on short-term tasks while others work only on retainer. Either way can be an asset if your company doesn’t want to waste the resources to continually retrain employees.

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