Last week I shared about organization and how important it is to a business. Let’s narrow the topic down to schedules this week. 

I’ve always found the easiest way to keep a project on deadline is to plan it backwards. I start with a mental picture of exactly what I want and peel back the layers of work to get it there. Then I take the list of tasks and plug them into a timeline, working from deadline to start. This works for me because I always have more enthusiasm and less distraction at the beginning of a project. Chances are, I will get ahead of myself and start meeting goals before their deadlines. If I know precisely when each job needs to be completed, and I’ve scheduled it that way, I’ll almost always finish it early. I like to bank up free time to celebrate success at the end of a project, and this way of scheduling makes it easier for me to do that! 

Pride in my work is a major player in why I started this business. It just so happens that MY work is YOUR business. So when I meet my goals, I’m ensuring that you meet yours. It’s a win/win!

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