This week I’m starting my countdown at home to the big Thanksgiving meal for my family. Starting with the menu and guest list, I break down the steps into shopping, food preparation, house preparation, and communication. There’s a lot that goes into planning a gathering when you want it to be memorable and enjoyable. If I waited until the last minute and tried to throw it all together, something would fall short of my expectations! 

One of the first skills we learn as a baby is sorting. We start with voices and faces and then move on to shapes and colors all before we get to the really important things like numbers and letters. Organization is a key component of success as a human being. It’s also one of the essential ingredients in business accomplishments. Passion might be what brings us to the table but if we don’t have a plan we won’t stay there long. 

There are lots of ways to be organized. The world of technology makes it easier for some and harder for others. Sometimes an old fashioned pen and paper is sufficient. But most times we have to use an app (or more!) to connect our tasks with our associates. Thankfully, if passion is what brought us to the table, and we kept our commitment to organization, we have a much better chance of reaching that goal of accomplishment!

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