Ditching Commuter Problems

Hazardous Roads

We got 2+ inches of snow last night. I woke up to a winter wonderland! It’s not what would be considered a large snowfall around here, but it’s definitely an early one. Unfortunately, there is a layer of ice under the fluff making driving hazardous. The local media feeds are full of school and community event cancellations. But you know what’s not cancelled? Work. Bosses still need their employees to show up and be productive. Some of those employees are going to be late, or burning a vacation day, or worse- in a ditch.

As a Virtual Assistant, the weather isn’t a deterrent to getting my job done. My tools, a laptop and cell phone, are with me wherever I am. As long as there is electricity and the internet, I’m good to go! Not only can my clients count on my productivity, they don’t have to worry about whether I can make it to the workplace!  

No Virtual Assistant can guarantee they can be productive all the time. Sickness, family situations, and disasters aren’t predictable. But the problems that arise from being a commuter- flat tires, road conditions, traffic jams, and ditches- are avoided when you partner with a remote worker. 

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