Fresh Content

The importance of fresh content

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time for me to start working on the dinner menu. One thing my family looks forward to every year is apple pie. Shopping for ingredients for apple pie sounds like a pretty easy task, right? Did you know there are 100 types of apples grown commercially in the United States?* There aren’t that many varieties in my local grocery store but there is a nice selection.  So how do I know which apples I want to put in my pie? My grocery is careful to only put out fresh, quality produce. There’s a beautiful mound of each type, all shiny and red (or green.)  I can pick up any one of them and feel the firmness of the flesh and smell the apple scent.  But only some apples are good for baking. How do I know which ones they are? Thankfully, apple producers put out lists of which apples are best for baking, eating fresh, making applesauce, and so on. I only have to do a little display surfing to find the ones I want.

How about your product or service? Is there a list your customers can refer to when they’re searching for you? Whether it’s on social media or your company website, you need to make sure your description is thorough.  Repeating your tagline or company slogan might make it easy to remember who you are, but fresh content is best for what you have. For example,  the phrase “shiny, red apples” might draw someone to look at a product but an accurate summary is needed before they will purchase it. Make sure they feel as if they’ve tasted the tartness, felt the juice on their fingers, and thought of grandma’s kitchen by the time they’ve finished reading about your apples!


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