The Importance of Fresh Content on Social Media

Keep it Updated!

The excitement of owning a business is especially intense in the beginning. Not only are you setting up your shop (online or brick and mortar) and filing all the necessary paperwork, you’re also meeting new customers or clients, tweaking your products, and making sure EVERY little detail is spit and polished. And you’re hopping in and out of social media like a hummingbird sharing every exciting detail.  

Fast forward a little bit and you’ve gotten settled into a routine. You’re doing your absolute best to keep those customers or clients happy and still keeping up with the necessary paperwork. But the social media hopping has slid to the back burner. After all, you can’t do everything all the time. There is such a thing as burnout.  Besides, how many times do people really need to see a photo of your product? Your address hasn’t changed and you’ve got a few good reviews to show off. You’ll pop in on the holidays to wish them well.

Now let’s pause and look at why the above scenario can be harmful to that business you love and are working so hard on.  First of all, congratulations on getting a good amount of patrons to start your business! But remember, those customers aren’t going to be around forever. You need to keep marketing to replenish the supply!

 In today’s world, more people will check out your social media presence before they will ever visit your store or website. And those folks aren’t paying as much attention to the stars at the top of your page or the number of followers you have. They’re looking at what other people are saying to you in the comment sections. And they’re reading your replies.  Did you satisfy a complaint? Do you care about their concern? Did you take a suggestion to heart? Do you HEAR them?

If you aren’t taking the time to schedule regular social media posts, they may automatically assume all the answers to those questions are, “no.” Fresh content opens a door for communication that shows potential customers you will be there for all their concerns and opportunities for conversations about your business offerings.

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