Company Philosophy

A welcome chat with the owner

I hope you’re enjoying a nice cup of whatever you enjoy as you browse the website! I thought I’d share a little more about myself today. For a brief introduction be sure to check out the “ABOUT” tab at the top of the page.

A few years ago I decided to try roasting my own coffee. This was something totally alien to me and I was going to have to learn the process from the very bottom. I spent a great deal of time watching YouTube videos and searching the internet. One search led me to a popular coffee bean distributor whose website was filled with tutorials and supplies for home coffee roasters (besides lots of coffee beans.) Jackpot! After several days of watching the beginner videos and agonizing over which beans to purchase, I jumped in to the black hole of becoming a home coffee roaster. And I’m still learning!

Roasting coffee is a perfect analogy for my business philosophy. As an assistant, Daisy Do Write is helping YOUR business to become what YOU want it to be, meeting YOUR goals and standards. Much like the many ways to achieve the perfect roast of coffee, there are many ways to run a business. Everyone looks forward to a perfect cup of coffee. But perfect is determined by individual taste buds and your taste is all that counts. You get to decide what success is. I’m pleased to help you achieve that!

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