Where is Your Timecard?

When you purchase a service from Daisy Do Write, you are not buying my time. I provide quality services designed to meet your requirements by a prearranged deadline. Some things can be designed or written up quickly while others take longer to research or tweak. And while some of them may meet your satisfaction on the first read, there will also be some that will need a rewrite. Also, the beginning of a working relationship can involve a little trial and error while personalities and goals become familiar. Later the expectations can be met quicker thanks to that familiarity. Once that happens, your purchase might include faster results AND you will be paying for a more experienced professional.

Anytime I introduce myself as a virtual assistant, I know I’m going to have to go into further detail about what I do. Virtual assistant is an umbrella term. There are dozens of jobs handled by VA’s! We assist businesses the same as an employee might. Tasks range from bookkeeping and data entry to customer service to email management. Some are event and travel planners. Others are social media gurus. And the list goes on!

The one thing we all have in common is that we do our jobs from our own office. Instead of being an employee of a company, we are businesses in our own right. Our main goal is to fulfill the needs we are hired to help with. Thanks to today’s technology we can meet that goal efficiently, bringing more benefits to business owners and managers.